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Wenn die Zeile also schon da ist, soll ein SQL UPDATE stattfinden, wenn sie noch nicht da ist, wird ein INSERT gemacht. Vielfach hilft man sich dann mit PL/SQL-Prozeduren, die zuerst mal einen INSERT versuchen, und wenn ein Fehler auftritt DUP_VAL_ON_INDEX ein UPDATE machen. Das geht aber auch eleganter: mit dem MERGE-Kommando. Dieses gibt es. Therefore, conflicts can occur when updates are merged and merge replication provides a number of ways to handle conflicts. Die Mergereplikation wird vom SQL Server SQL Server-Momentaufnahme-Agent und dem Merge-Agent implementiert. Merge replication is implemented by the SQL Server SQL Server Snapshot Agent and Merge Agent. Prerequisite – MERGE Statement As MERGE statement in SQL, as discussed before in the previous post, is the combination of three INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE statements. So if there is a Source table and a Target table that are to be merged, then with the help of MERGE statement, all the three operations INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE can be performed at once. Now let us create SQL Server merge replication and add these tables to the merge publication. Login to server using SQL Server Management studio -> Navigate to the SQL Server replication folder -> click on Local publications-> right click -> click on New Publication.

SQL Server Merge Concurrency Issues. MERGE looks like it will take care of concurrency for you, because implicitly it seems to a single, atomic statement. However, under the covers, SQL Server really does perform the different operations independently. A MERGE is used to combine INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations into a single statement. Since you're just interested in SELECT, you should use UNION. However, there's still the question of how you want to handle ID 2, which appears in both tables.

17.10.2013 · MERGE was introduced in SQL Server 2008. If you want to use that syntax, you'll need to upgrade. If you want to use that syntax, you'll need to upgrade. Otherwise, the typical approach will depend on where the source data is from. Following the idea from the accepted answer, this works as well in Sql server 2008 r2: create table Test1 Id int, FromDate date, ThruDate date, Value int insert into dbo.Test1 Id, FromDate, ThruDate, [Value] select t.Id, t.FromDate, T.ThruDate, t.Value 100 from MERGE dbo.Test1 AS Target USING select 1 as Id, '2000-01. There is no WHERE in that part of the MERGE statement. See MERGE Transact-SQL in the documentation for syntax help. There is an optional AND part in WHEN MATCHED clause so the straightforward answer is to move the condition there. I have no idea, I read a post on SO that was along the same lines as this without the outer join and it said that a merge is better suited. If you could provide an example on how to achieve this with only updates I would be forever greatful. As of SQL Server 2008, there's a new powerful consolidation statement in the DML toolbox: MERGE. Using MERGE, you can perform so-called "upserts", i.e. one statement that performs an insert, delete and/or update in a single statement. And, more importantly, with just a single join. The MERGE syntax The MERGE syntax basically comprises the target.

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